zaterdag 2 augustus 2014

Just a little bit further..

Challenge 3 for the Brainstorm Facebook group! The challenge was to combine any kind of vehicle with scrap to either kill or capture zombies. 

I had the idea of this street kid that uses his bike to capture zombies. He took a winch from an old pickup and connected it to his bike, connecting the rotating part to the back wheel of his bike. When the zombie walks into the trap, he accelerates and the winch starts rotating, 'reeling' the zombie in. At this point the kid turns on the battery attached to the gasoline tank, and currency runs through the two cables connected to the winch and stuns/electrocutes the zombie. This way he can transport them somewhat safely. 

I figured the bike is his most valuable possession so he takes care of it. No metal plates stuck to the sides, because he needs the bike to be agile and responsive. If he would get caught he'd probably be fucked anyway :P. 

I tried to make the zombies 'Last Of Us-ish', because I fucking love that game and I'm just a fanboy, basically. Usually not that into zombie stuff (except for 28 Days Layer), but this concept actually made sense in a way. 

Anyway this was super fun to work on! On to the next!

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